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    We realize that some times, taking the first step is the hardest part. At Inspire Dental, we care and are here to help. We’ll work with you to determine the best, affordable treatment option for you.

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    High-Tech Denture Studio

    Developed as part of our ongoing renovation and expansion of Inspire Dental, and in conjunction with full-time staff denturist, Chris McCarthy, L.D. - our new high-tech denture studio expands our ability to design and manufacture dentures in-house, reducing turn-around time and allowing us better opportunity for quality control.

    Types of Dentures

    • Partial Dentures: sometimes simply called a “partial” for short, this option is for patients with some healthy and sturdy teeth remaining, that can act as an anchor for a metal framework prosthesis which can support larger spans of missing teeth.
    • Complete Dentures: for patients with no teeth remaining on a given arch, a complete denture or “plate” can offer patients an esthetic and functional replacement for their teeth and gums.
    • Implant-Supported “Overdenture:” Sometimes referred to as “snap-on dentures.” It’s still a removable prosthesis, (and thus a denture) but what’s different about an overdenture is that it snaps onto abutments, small metal buttons that stick up, just above the gums. Because these abutments are connected to dental implants which are securely anchored in bone, your (especially lower) denture will stay in place better while eating and speaking.
    • Hybrid Dentures: Sometimes referred to as “All on 4” or “All on X” or simply dental “Hybrids” these are fixed prosthesis (denture) that anchored on to dental implants and designed to stay in the mouth.

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    Whether you have a denture that needs repair or adjustment, if you need an entirely new set or want to discuss upgrading to implant-supported overdentures or hybrid prosthesis, we’re here to help! Call to schedule your initial appointment today!

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